Mobile & Responsive

In our modern age, smartphones and other mobile devices are no longer a luxury. You can hardly walk down the street without someone bumping into you because their eyes are firmly glued to their mobile phone. It should come as no surprise that a vast number of your website visitors will be accessing your site from their mobile device.

In some cases, it makes sense to have an app that users can download to access the information of your site. However, for most websites, this is overkill and users will be unlikely to want to keep your app on their phone. When you want the optimized user experience of an app, but the ease of access of a website, I recommend responsive web design.

Responsive web design uses percentage-based coding to allow your website to be viewed, in all it's glory, on any mobile device regardless of the exact screen width. This means that your website is going to look beautiful when someone accesses your website from their laptop, iPhone, Droid, an iPad turned sideways, etc. The website simply scales down and re-shuffles content so that text and pictures can be viewed easily, without any sort of zooming required. If you are viewing this site from a mobile device, then you are already seeing the optimized responsive version of my site. If not, and you want to see it in action, simply resize your browser window down and watch the magic happen!